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Mistral AI provides ready-to-use Docker images on the Github registry. The weights are distributed separately.

To run these images, you need a cloud virtual machine matching the requirements for a given model. These requirements can be found in the model description.

We recommend three different serving frameworks for our models :

  • vLLM: A python only serving framework which deploys an API matching OpenAI's spec. vLLM provides paged attention kernel to improve serving throughput.
  • NVidias's TensorRT-LLM served with Nvidia's Triton Inference Server : TensorRT-LLM provides a DSL to build fast inference engines with dedicated kernels for large language models. Triton Inference Server allows efficient serving of these inference engines.
  • TGI: A toolkit for deploying LLMs, including OpenAI's spec, grammars, production monitoring, and tools functionality.

These images can be run locally, or on your favorite cloud provider, using SkyPilot.